VR as a cost effective and efficient solution to address mental health problems?

Today, anxiety disorders and phobias in particular are the most common mental disorders. People who suffer from phobia and anxiety disorders perceive potential dangers more severely and try to avoid them at all costs. Based on recent researches, only 1 out of 6 people apply for professional mental health care. Individuals commonly tend to discontinue or avoid therapy due. Main reasons why people avoid or discontinue taking mental health care for their phobias or anxiety disorders:

  • Financial reasons

  • Time related reasons / lack of access to treatment

  • Lack of confidence in treatment

  • Feeling hopeless

  • Embarrassment particularly in exposure therapy conducted in public spaces

  • Confidentiality

On the other hand, there is a growing need to address mental health disorders in all societies. It is a well-known issue that unless even the minor psychological problems, when not addressed on time, would grow up to develop other mental health disorders, including major ones.

Migrant populations, including children, are at higher risk of mental health disorders. Refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants are at heightened risk for certain mental health disorders, including post-traumatic stress, depression and psychosis. Since 2015, over 1.3 million refugees and migrants have arrived to European countries by the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, almost 3 million Syrian refugees are living in Turkey.


It is mostly up to the governments and humanitarian international organizations to address this huge and growing problem, generally with very limited resources. According to our pilot studies in conformity with the globally tested research results, virtual reality is a great supporting tool to assist in the treatment of mental health disorders.

According to findings on the use of VR supported treatments; the advantages can be listed as follows;

Control, Exposure therapy can be conducted risk free without any unexpected occurrences. Therapist is always in full control.

Realism, High level of realism for maximum effectiveness.

Repeatability, Allows for unlimited repetition of either the complete therapy or any segment of it.

Low cost, Any environment, situation or object can be created within the virtual world with low costs.

Data driven, SUD values and quantifiable physiological sensor data can be monitored and recorded in correlation with events triggered during therapy

Privacy, Therapy can now be conducted at therapist's office, thus preserving client confidentiality and eliminating embarrassment concerns.

At this point, we introduce our product, namely VivoosVR as a solution to help those who suffer from phobias and anxiety disorders and giving the bodies of concern a great tool to minimize their costs while increasing the efficiency of treatment.

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